Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have made an order but have not been contacted. How do I get an update?

    The easiest way is to reach out via any of the following mediums: Facebook Messenger: OR WhatsApp: +92-345-1151146 OR Calls: 021-38883012 Please do note that we handle orders in a queue but we understand that you may be in a hurry, and we can handle you on a priority if needed. Please do note that WhatsApp support is only offered after 5 PM 6 days a week (excluding Sundays)

  2. I have a question before I make my order. How do I get in touch?

    Any pre-sales queries are handled by our Facebook page:

  3. How do I make a return?

    We do not accept returns of digital delivery goods. If you wish to return a physical product as part of an offered no-questions-asked sale OR have issues that require support or warranty claims, either reach out via Facebook or any of our retail locations.

  4. I would like to purchase something but its not listed here

    We do generally import just about everything for our clients (provided local laws allow it). Kindly reach out at our Facebook page with your query or use the contact us button on the page.

  1. Why do you not accept credit cards at the moment?

    Credit cards add significant risk to transactions in PK and add a significant amount of charges that most consumers are not willing to pay. They also affect our cashflow negatively given that local banks tend to hold funds for as much as 30 days in some cases before dispensing them to us. We may add credit cards in the future but for now, we have made a conscious decision of not allowing them on our site.

  2. How do I confirm payment once I make a bank transfer?

    You may do so by simply adding the receipt number so we can track it. If you have not made a cash deposit and/or do not have a receipt number, kindly use the WhatsApp support number (+923451151146) for assistance. We recommend using WhatsApp text messages as those are responded to on a daily basis and handled fastest.

  3. I would like to pay via PayPal, how do I do so?

    You need to reach out to use via our Facebook page to do so. We do not support PayPal payments on-site but send manual invoices instead to combat fraud.

  4. Is Cash on Delivery available in my city?

    Cash on delivery is available, but only within Karachi for now.

  1. Are In-Store Purchases Allowed?

    Absolutely! We love talking to our clients in-store and for larger orders/longer queries, it is often the best route for customers in Karachi

  2. What are your store timings?

    Our Clifton location is open from 4 PM to 10 PM daily except Sundays every week. Our Defence outlet is open from 12 PM to 9 PM daily all week.

  3. Where are your stores located's Clifton Store is located at:
    Shop #4,
    Marine Corner,
    Clifton Block 2,
    Near HBL Bilawal Chaurangi

    Our Retail Store in Defence is located at:
    Shop no. 1
    Plot No. 19-C
    Stadium Commercial Lane No. 4
    Defence Phase V
    Our Primary Point of Contact is Mr. Rahim Noorali Contact number: 03451151146

  4. Who owns and/or runs this site?

    This site is owned and operated by Rahim Amir Noorali for Thrift PK, a registered entity in PK/Pakistan